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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Super Bouncy Balls

It is Wednesday (wait, is it Wed or Tues, hold on, yes it's Wednesday) night. There was driving and traffic and work and then (thankfully) playtime/bathtime/bedtime for Quinn. Jamie is making dinner and I am here in front of the computer. It is quiet. What do I do? There is a list 20 items long on the whiteboard in the kitchen of things that need to get done, but the truth is, this time of day, I'm almost done being awake, let alone productive. So what do I do with this time? I thought by this point, I'd be on some kind of exercise schedule so I don't hurt myself playing softball this summer. Maybe the longer daylight will help with that. But I am slowly remembering, in addition to all these things vital to my day (not the least of which are my husband and daughter), there has to be some time for reflection. Much has happened this year to ponder and sometimes you just have to sit for a moment with your thoughts and just let them come, or else they just bounce around in your head like one of those Super Balls you get out of a gumball machine at the supermarket. I bought two snazzy notebooks this week. One is for a project my sisters and I are working on (more on that later), and the other is for writing down those frantically bouncing thoughts. I should do it in an effort to level out my brain. I can't write everything I'm thinking here, that takes too much analysis of what I'm comfortable pondering aloud to this internet place to be therapeutic. But I do like blogging, so to my thousands of readers, do not fear, my wisdom shall continue to be posted in this spot, stay tuned for more!

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